Reasons Why College Students Go For Tuition

The private tuition industry in Singapore is rapidly growing. A survey conducted by Straits Times found that seven in ten parents enrolled their children in extra classes. Despite the extra costs of education and with only a third of the parents agreeing to increased academic performance, many of them are still enrolling their kids. This could be attributed to fierce competition and peer pressure.

Our education system follows a meritocracy system where students advance based on their ability and talents. Therefore, good grades will give you a higher chance of entering the three autonomous universities (NUS, NTU, and SMU)

According to research in 2015, graduates from NUS, NTU and SMU varsities earned a starting salary of $3400 compared to $2770 from the rest.

Tuition is regarded as a necessity for students to excel in all level of study and especially in college-level studies. Here are the reasons why students need tuition.

Students receive extra attention

For a long time, tuition was the reserve for struggling students. Today, for students to perform better, they need to go beyond the appointed course work to perform well. They can learn from their tutor and get corrections on the spot. Tutors can address all concerns  as they possess the knowledge, and have the time to drill the essential concepts that are required.

Teachers teach at the pace of the student

There is no rushing the syllabus as the teacher goes with the learning pace of the student. The teacher can assess the students’ strengths and weakness and tailor the study sessions accordingly. Home tutoring enables the teacher to figure out the best way of teaching for improved performance because each students learning style is different.

Students can actively participate in studying and can ask questions without fear of other students. This leads to a confidence boost in the kid.

Home tuition supplements schoolwork

Tuition is usually done after school learning hours. Students can do more than the school work to achieve good grades, simply put, students have to put more work and time in studies to better understand their subject matter.

Doing more questions and doing more work helps with memory retention as the key concepts are enforced into their minds. Home tuition can help students’ bridge learning gaps and achieve overall performance in examinations.

Prepare for examination

Private tutorials can be very useful for students looking to enroll in a good university. Sometime the syllabus may be rushed and teaching basic leaving the students equipped to tackle and pass entry examinations

Tuition helps students aim for the highest performance because its more focused by offering more practices on exam questions. Students can go over past papers and study autonomously. The teacher acts as a coach and helps students gain confidence.


There are many reasons as to why tuition is important apart from getting the highest grade to get into the best university. Parents who send their kids for tuition may not always be motivated by grades. Tuition offers their children something extra, beyond what mainstream school offers and increase self-confidence.

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